4482 Tanners Church Rd., Ellenwood, GA 30294, US

(404) 363-2885

Welcome to Tanners Baptist Church a safe, multi-ethnic, church family

Our Core Values


An Authentic Loving Family

  • A safe place (we will not judge) to come just as you are, and bring your humanity.

  • Caring and committed to each other with God's love.

A Place Of Unfied Diversity

  • Intentionally seeking to welcome, look like, and worship Jesus with ALL people.  "Red, brown, yellow, black and white, all are precious in God's site..."

  • Seeking to be a church that reflects the racial, economic, age and cultural diversity in  our community - and worships Jesus together.  

A Prayer House

  • Seeking to become a praying church, rather than a church that occasionally prays.

  • Realizing our dependence on the King of Kings. 

A Place of Multiplication

  • Making disciples (genuine followers of Jesus) who also make other disciples.

  • Seeking to multiply all aspects of our church: disciples, small groups, leaders, and even the church body itself (by starting new churches). 

A Lighthouse

  • Shining the light of the good news of God's love, grace and forgiveness found through faith in Jesus. 

Center Of Communtiy Care

  • Reaching out and showing the love of Jesus in practical ways.

  • Praying for our community and seeking it's betterment.  


Fully Centered On God's Word

  • Being committed to preaching, teaching, training in, and living out God's inspired word (the Bible).

  • Seeing the Bible as our fixed point of reference and road map/ spiritual GPS for our lives. 

A Center for World Missions

  • Raising up people to go, training leaders, working with like minded groups, giving financially and committing resources towards completing the Great Commission

  • Sharing the gospel and making disciples here, there, and everywhere!

Ministry Team

Paster: Andrew


Head Deacon: Jim


Woship Team Leader / Youth Leader: Tyler


Worship Team / Youth Leader: Emily


Worship Team / Webmaster: Jeremiah


Worship Team: Xylecia

Children's Director: Esther


Trustee: Shoumann


Sound Technician: Caleb(left) / Timothy(right)


Intern / Photographer: Dylan